There are 4 different types of logo which have alphabets, numbers or text as part of the logo.

  • Word marks Logo
  • Letter marks Logo
  • Combination Mark (Word And Symbol Logo)
  • Emblem (Text Inside Symbol)

Did you know that alphabets, numbers or text such as an Acronym, Brand Name or Company Name as part of the Logo also radiates & emits energy and vibrations that influence the logo to be a successful one or not for the company?

We at Vastu Logos provide you with an absolute unique service termed as LOGO NUMEROLOGY SERVICES rarely offered by anyone.

We analyze alphabets, numbers or text as part of the logo and recommend you the changes, if required, in the same, to emit positive Numerology vibrations. This ultimately will help you to enhance the energy from your logo to enable growth and prosperity of your business.

Company names, Business Names, Product Names and Brand Names can also be analyzed, even if it is not a part of the logo, from a Numerology perspective too and recommendations can be made to create powerful prosperous names!

With the application of Numerology science we can also assist you with the good dates to launch a new logo or brand name and provide cosmic tools to keep your logo and brand always energized.

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