Logo Placements

You may have created a fortunate logo for your company. But “Do you know that where you place this logo can also influence it to be weak or powerful?”

A good fortunate logo + wrongly placed on business card would dilute the benefits you could have otherwise enjoyed to the fullest.

Hence it is very important that you place your logo at the right place on the business card to generate the benefits derived from the logo fully.

Logo placements on corporate stationery print marketing materials and on digital platforms too should be carefully selected to produce the optimum results and prevent dilution of benefits.

LPS is a service we offer to advice you on how to make an appropriate placement of your logo so as to enable you to enjoy growth process and let it work for you 24 x 7 as a powerful brand mascot and enhance the benefits you desire.

This service is based on the design structure and layout principles of Vastu.

Placement of Logo is also a part of the Vastu Business Card Designing Services wherein we help you to not only place your logo at the appropriate place but also advice placements and changes in other elements to be placed on the business. For further information on the same please click here.

Place your Logo on Fortunate Locations Today!!

Click here to use this service or Email us at sunilh@vastulogos.in

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