Is your company unable to implement launching the new logo - duly modified or new - due to time or budget restraints??

Now you need not be disappointed anymore!!

We have 3 systems that can overcome the time and budget restraints:-

  • Logo Rejuvenation
  • Logo Healing
  • Logo Protection

Logo Rejuvenation

We have our own unique proprietorship methodology called Logo Rejuvenation that helps companies to use their existing Logos without implementing their new logo design and yet enjoy the benefits of popularity, prosperity and profitability for a specific period. We do so by placing a copy of your existing and new logo into cosmic tools and energize them to provide the appropriate energy and frequency which results in prosperity.

Our Rejuvenation Services has helped several companies to enjoy benefits without immediately actually implementing the new designs and also experiment with the changes.

Logo Healing

If for any reason companies wish to continue to use their existing Logo design and are unable to design a new commercially strong Logo or even Modify or Repair the existing Logo, we as Logo Doctors, offer very personalized Healing services through our special cosmic tools. We place a copy of your existing logo into the cosmic tools and energize them to provide the appropriate healing energy and frequency to reduce the negative impact emitting from the logos.

Our Logo Healing Services we have helped companies to enjoy a reduction in the negative aspect of the logo and pave way for positive energies.

Logo Protection

In today’s market, it sometimes becomes very difficult to protect the misuse of your logo from infringement and duplication even if it is trademarked or registered. However it is now possible to holistically protect your logo from damage, loss of reputation and financial losses.

We provide such protection though our special energized cosmic tools which will act as a catalyst to channelize the energy in to the logo for protection.

Our Logo Protection Cosmic Systems have helped companies to protect the logos from misuse.

Protect your Logo Holistically Today!!

Click here to use this service or Email us at sunilh@vastulogos.in

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