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Welcome to the world of Designing Fortune logos.

These logos are different from others as they are in accordance with the principles of Vastu, Feng Shui and Numerology. From three sciences we ensure that your company logo provides the correct energy required for growth and success of the business.

We encourage companies to use their own graphic artist to design their new logos. This helps designers to best display their creativity. All we can do is help you in selection and modification of your designed logo so as to make it work for your company.

Our objective is to give you a leading edge design that works on all levels including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual thus bringing in prosperity, wealth, success, brand recall, asset, goodwill and successfully meeting the objective with least effort for which the logo was designed and created.

Tips on designing a new logo

  • Keep it simple: Simplicity is the key to recollect the company’s logo. People should be able to recognize your brand merely by looking at your logo.
  • Types of Font used: The type of font used is extremely crucial. Select a font of distinctive character, variety of weights, widths and proportions. The font selected must be in accordance with the company activities.
  • Visualize your logo only in Black & White: Situation may demand that your logo should be presented only in Black and White. Advertisers would require the logo to be in Black and White only hence consider this option before finalizing on the logo.
  • Number of colours: Design your logo in maximum 3 colors as it is easy to recall. Multicolor images confuses the mind and also increases the printing costs
  • Effective communication: Logo speaks for the company’s area of operation, and it is an effective branding tool. Hence, always remember to choose a logo, which you is in resonance with your activity.
  • Avoid negative images and associations.

In order to assist you to design your new logo kindly contact us on: sunilh@vastulogos.in

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