Logo Analysis

Welcome to our world of Logo & Digital Brand Analysis.

We analyze all types of Corporate Logos, Company Logos, Product Logos, Service Logos, Event Logos, Cultural Logos, Social Logos, Educational Logos, Mobile Application Icons etc.

Different parameters are used to analyze and evaluate Different Types of Logos.

There are 7 different types of logo

  • Wordmarks
  • Logotypes
  • Lettermarks
  • Brandmark (Symbol Or Icon)
  • Combination Mark - Text & Symbol
  • Iconic Logotypes
  • Emblem - Text Inside Symbol

It does not matter whether you have specially designed a Logo or had picked up from the internet and fine tuned it

So what’s difference from others that we have to offer in this field ?

The Difference is the Vastu-Feng Shui & Numero Connection!

We believe that all Logos and Brand emit energy through their elements i.e. Colors, Shapes, Text, Fonts and Pattern. The flow of energy in the body of the art work of the logo must be inter suitable with each other and with the platform on which the logo will be displayed –print or digital.

The combined energy coming from the artwork must also be sync with the industry and with the various factors of the company i.e. its activities, area of operation, type of ownership for it to work successfully and give the desired results.

As per Vastu-Feng Shui and Numerology, the above elements in the logo and brand influences a company’s profitability, sustainability, suitability and fortune.

Decoding all the elements of the design combined in the Logo, evaluation is made to analyze whether the logos can unlock your company’s fortunes and rocket you out of the ordinary!


We require the following information to analyze your logo:

Full Legal Name of Company Year of Establishment Industry
Company Ownership Type Year of Logo Creation Business Activity
Company Address Company Aims and Values Message you are trying to Communicate with your logo
Please select your logo to Upload & send to Vastu Logos (Of not more than 2 Mb in JPG/GIF/PNG ) . Once we receive this information we would analyze the logo and rate the logo percentage wise and send you a non automated personalized analysis.

Logo & Digital Brand Analysis Report

Digital Brands having an online presence on the internet or mobile too, are analyzed in the digital age.

This report is based and analyzed on the principles of Vastu, Feng Shui and Numerology. The report is also not merely based on aesthetics of the logo but whether it a good logo from a commercial perspective.

It seeks to answer your query whether the logo is good for you – based on your industry type, your business activity, your ownership and sometimes even from your date of birth.

It seeks to answer your query whether it can create wonders for your business or restrict your growth of business by having constant obstacles.

You will know despite your hard work, why you don’t get the results you deserve, why you are unable to retain good employees, will be there a lot of internal politics in your company and whether you will be plagued with legal problems, You will get insight about your work ethics to your profit margins and everything in between including whether it is in resonance with your mission – vision of your company, will you be a company, which nearly survives, or being able to reach the top.

Depending on the objective of the company , questions like will the logo enjoy deep penetration in various markets – developed, underdeveloped, undeveloped markets , will the logo command respect in the industry, the life of the logo – short, medium or long term, will it burst consumption or excitement or is it suppose to be long lived, may also be answered.

We will inform you whether your Logo can be fine- tuned, modified, repaired to make it stronger or it needs a complete makeover.

Our Logo Design & Brand Analysis & Evaluation Services has helped numerous companies all across the world in various industries to take appropriate measures best suited thereby making huge savings in time, money and energy

Post analysis, many have opted for the following services too:-

  • Assistance in Modification of the Existing Logo – to maintain existing design and yet make it prosperous
  • Selection of New Logos created by you
  • Logo Placement Service – on Websites, Corporate Stationery & Marketing Materials
  • Logo Protection Services – to holistically protect logo / icon from infringement / misuse
  • Logo Healing Services – due to delay in designing a fortune logo
  • Logo Rejuvenation Services – due to delay in introducing the revised logo
  • Checking Numerology Vibrations of Company Name, Business Name, Brand Names, etc

Get your Logo Analysed and make the Right Choice today!!

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