Digital logos and brands evolved due to the leverage of the internet & electronic technologies.

Many logos & brands can be seen exclusively in emails, social media websites, online marketing companies, e-commerce platforms, mobile application icons, websites, etc. Examples Gmail, Facebook, Flipkart, OLX, Whatsapp, Google, etc.

In DIGITAL brands and logos, only the platform of delivery has changed from print hard copy to fluid electronic platform of delivery.

Hence all the principles of creating a successful and powerful Vastu-Feng Shui- Numerology compliant Logo that are applicable to print logo are also applicable to digital logos and brands.

Taking into account the change in delivery mode, the analysis and evaluation procedure to select a Digital Logo or Brand has a new dimension

Logo architects have cracked the codes to recommend colors, shapes, designs, fonts, text, etc to create successful digital logos and brands.

As such an average Print Logo may be a strong Digital Logo & vice versa

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