About Us

Vastu Logos is a Mumbai based firm that has been Analyzing, Modifying, Selecting and Creating Vastu and Feng Shui Logos since the past 6 years

Mr. Sunil Harlalkaa is the Director of Vastu Logos & is assisted by Ms. Shweta Harlalka.

Mr. Sunil has natural instinct to feel the energy of the logo, analyze, heal, rejuvenate and design by applying the principles of Vastu, Feng Shui and Numerology

Whereas Shweta has a technical approach in modifying, repairing, selecting and creating the logos.

They together make a great team and have rendered their services worldwide catering to the various sections of the global market such as Advertising, Construction, Educational institute sectors etc.

According to them, it is not just the appearance of the logo design that makes it a successful logo. A Successful Logo is the one in which all the components like the colors, shapes, fonts, text and designs are in sync with each other and is also in synergy to its industry and business and the platform on which the logo will be displayed – digital or print, so as to be able to produce the financial benefits or meet the objectives for which it was created.

In fact, a good or attractive logo may not be suitable for a certain business but a moderate-looking logo can boost a business and also ensure top place in the market.

Though improving a logo design through us does not mean making it look smarter or dazzling but fixing it so as to create a positive and favorable impact on the company’s fortune.

Every color, shape, text, font emit an energy which has to inter suitable to each other to produce harmony and positivity as perceived by the human brain. Wrong color in a font or design may be ineffective and produce a negative energy which is not looked favorably by the human brain and is likely to create a dislike instead of acceptability

Each industry and business demands certain energy which is essential for its growth and progress. This energy can be captured and enhanced through using the colors, shapes, designs, text and fonts which are in synergy and harmony to the business.

The highlight is wether the Logo is just a Graphical Symbol of your Corporation’s aspiration and fulfillment or is it a Mascot for creating Fame & Fortune and your Shield against Misfortune ?

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