Vastu Logos is a holistic firm specializing in Analysis, Evaluation, Assessment, Modification, Selection, Placement, Healing & Rejuvenation of existing Logo Designs and Digital Brands.

We also assist in creation of Vastu Logos, Feng Shui Logos, Digital Logos and Digital Brands

The services offered by us are based on the principles of Vastu, Feng Shui and Numerology looking after 3 major aspects Profitability, Sustainability and Suitability to become silent mascots for wining over and over again.

Since a company logo and brand is the companyís first touch point as it can either make or break a company, it is very essential that you have an appropriate logo to ensure top place in the market.

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We also invite graphic artists, logo designers, ad agencies, brand consultants, media firms, etc to tie up with us for their assignments.

We can work per project basis AND/OR on a monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annual basis depending on the size and volume of your work

Using our services will help you to get a faster turnaround from your clients.

We maintain all client confidentiality and are ready to sign NDA if required.

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